Mooring Facilities

Need A Berth?

The Bruny Island Boat Club provides the facilities on the Alonnah foreshore for everyone’s enjoyment.

By supporting our efforts, we can continue to improve these facilities.

Boat owners are welcome to moor on the Alonnah Pontoon, with mooring fees payable to the BIBC at the following rates

For members of the BIBC

  • $5 per night (or $20/week or $80/month)

For non members of the BIBC

  • $5 per might (or $30/week or $120/month)

Boats wishing to use our facilities need to be mindful of the following;

  • 11 metres is the maximum vessel length allowed to be moored at the piers.
  • Larger vessels are advised to tie up at the public section on the northern portion of the pontoon (no fees are due on this section)

Boat owners are also asked to please note that although the area behind the pontoon has been dredged, there is generally only 2metres of water depth at high tide.  Sand movement can impact upon the actual available water depth, so caution should be exercised when entering or leaving the moorings.

We recommend high tide as the best time to do this.

Fees can be paid by direct debit (please contact Treasurer), left in our donations box at the Club rooms, or by PayPal (link below).

A Mooring Agreement is to be completed if a mooring extends past two weeks in duration.

We would appreciate your support.

Mooring Fees